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WINGS OF VALOR: Real-Life Aviation Adventures in War and Peace

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by and, 2016

From combat to commercial flight, Wings of Valor contains 17 rollercoaster rides through air and space. Strap in and fly along with courageous men and women in today’s combat aircraft. You’ll experience amazing tales of dangerous airfield maneuvers, remotely piloted aircraft and drones, bringing a dead aircraft back to life, and communicating from air to ground in enemy territory.

Travel into the past with gripping accounts of combat missions in World War II and Korea, a firsthand account of the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the terrors of enemy ordnance falling on American soil. Learn about heroic pilots who become astronauts, and how the wounded recover from the horrors of war. Also included are vignettes about airplanes that have been converted into restaurants, restoring classic aircraft, and things you didn’t know about airport security procedures.

TAKEDOWN: How an Undercover Cop Dismantled the Biggest Drug-Smuggling Ring in Maine

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by and, 2015

In 1982 Vietnam veteran John Arnold was a detective sergeant in the small town of Sanford, Maine. Working with the DEA and other law enforcement agencies, Arnold went undercover as a crooked cop, receiving kickbacks for “looking the other way” as drug dealer Michael Sanborn flew huge shipments through the local airport. Eventually Arnold met the “big boss,” Richard Lowell Stratton, a Texas ranch owner whose involvement in the drug trade stretched back more than a decade.

A task force armed with federal search warrants captured 1,500 pounds of Stratton’s marijuana and hashish — the largest such bust in the state of Maine at the time. A manhunt ensued and the case finally went to trial, where Stratton insisted he was just a writer researching a book on the drug trade. The aftermath of the case involved the mysterious death of a key witness — a murder that has never been solved.

Takedown uncovers the police investigation into an international drug smuggling ring, told by the cop who made the bust . . . and how the case forever changed the lives of the cop and the smuggler.

CATCH THE SKY: The Adventures and Misadventures of a Police Helicopter Pilot

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by and, 2012

As a helicopter pilot with the elite air support unit of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Darryl Kimball has hunted for missing children, extracted captured drugs and other contraband out of cramped locations, medevac’d injured hikers from valleys thick with boulders and brush, directed deputies during gun battles, and tracked carjackers as they tried to escape pursuing officers through heavy freeway traffic.Catch the Sky is the first in-depth look at the life of a police helicopter pilot. Kimball pulls no punches, unfolding his nail-biting personal story in enthralling detail. From death-defying rescues to stories both bizarre and humorous, Catch the Sky puts you inside the helicopter cockpit for a breathtaking ride you’ll never forget.

“Riveting. A must-read. Captures the dream and reality of being a police aviator.”
Lt. Kenneth Solosky (ret.), NYPD Aviation Unit

HISTORY IN BLUE: 160 Years of Women Police, Sheriffs, Detectives, and State Troopers

Published by Kaplan Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster, 2010

From the earliest prison matrons to today’s chiefs, History in Blue: 160 Years of Women Police covers the pioneers, the struggles and the triumphs of the women who serve and protect the public. Featuring exclusive content and interviews with policewomen past and present, Allan’s new book is a unique historical journey.

Click here to read the review in the Washington Post

History in Blue will be compulsively readable for women in law enforcement, and those who wish to be. And men in law enforcement would be well served to read this carefully researched work to see what women have done and are still doing in order to get the fair and equal treatment they deserve.”
Joseph Wambaugh, New York Times Bestselling Author

THE “12 O’CLOCK HIGH” LOGBOOK: The Unofficial History of the Novel, Motion Picture, and Television Series

Published by BearManor Media, 2005

Experience the history of 12 O’Clock High, the riveting World War II combat novel that was adapted into a thrilling 1949 movie starring Gregory Peck and a television series in the 1960s. This is the definitive biography of the World War II events leading to the novel, plus a history of the novel, film, television series, and enough behind-the-scenes information and pictures to keep a whole squadron happy!

“Whether or not you are a fan of the book, the movie or the TV series, this is a fascinating and informative look at how a single ‘property’ was exploited across three different mediums. Just the section on the TV series is worth the purchase price for the inside glimpse at how the show was developed and produced, from pilot to cancellation. A must-read for students of television and the entertainment industry.”
Lee Goldberg, TV Writer/Producer, Author of novels based on “Monk,” “Psych,” and more

Buy your copy at the National WWII Museum Gift Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana

TOW TRUCK KINGS 2: More Secrets of the Towing & Recovery Business

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by

A follow-up to the popular Tow Truck Kings: Secrets of the Towing & Recovery Business. Tow Truck Kings 2 is an all-new, exclusive second collection of incredible secrets, stories, tips, tricks, and information about the towing and recovery business.

Includes chapters about legends of the industry, towing efforts following natural disasters, bill collecting and credit card processing, working with customers, GPS tracking, overtime, effective use of computers in a business setting, legal issues, repossession efforts, motor clubs, towing associations, and advertising, plus more humorous stories from the road.

TOW TRUCK KINGS: Secrets of the Towing & Recovery Business

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by

An exclusive collection of incredible secrets, stories, tips, tricks, and information about the towing and recovery business. Great reading for people already in the business, or as a primer or textbook for anyone interested in the towing & recovery industry.

Includes chapters about accidents, different vehicles that are towed, attacks on towers, business practices, sales, storage, fuel prices, designing busiiness websites, traffic incident management, legislation, import/export, recovery techniques used around the world, plus humorous stories from the road.

THEATREBOOK: A Compact Guide to Staging Your Play or Musical

Published by Duffin Creative, distributed by

If you’re preparing to stage a play or musical in your theatre, or you’re trying to decide how to upgrade your facility, TheatreBook can help.

Whether you’re a lover of theatre, a theatre manager or staff member, an instructor, a student, or part of the cast or crew, TheatreBook is for you.

TheatreBook is packed with exclusive behind-the-scenes information about everything from marketing to safety, lighting to audio, special effects to costumes.

TheatreBook also makes a great textbook or supplemental reading for theatre classes.

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